Phantoms are 5,555 uniquely generated collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Polygon Blockchain

Public Mint

Secondary Markets


Type - Original
Type - Rare
Type - Epic
Type - Legendary
Type - Zombie
Type - Alien
Type - Ape
Rarity Chart


  • Phantoms are born, 5555 uniquely generated characters with more than 250 traits, billions of possible combinations ✅
  • Website 2.0 launch with increased visuals and content ✅
  • Phantoms tickets distributed with events and giveaways since Sep ✅
  • Phantoms giveaways with discord games & events ✅
  • Phantoms launched as of Jan 5th on our website ✅
  • Pre-Sale closed March 15th ✅
  • Pre-Sale mint wallets received multiple phantoms drop in line of their mint que. Distribution of phantoms airdrops finalized March 22nd ✅

  • Phantoms own a wallet created via royalties. Community wallet will be used for giveaways & floor sweeps to maintaine healthy and more stable floor.
  • Phantoms public sale will start April 15th 
  • Mint Price is 10 MATIC
  • Mint will remain open until SOLD OUT.
  • Once all Phantoms adopted, we’ll be doing a community exclusive raffle, half of the liquidity gathered via royalties will be given as giveaway to a Phantom Holder. 

    Example: Royalties are 10%, if collection reaches 40 ETH volume, 4 ETH will be seperated for royalties, raffle will be half of this liquidity as 2 ETH. This will be gifted to one of our Phantom holder via raffle

  • Second collection release
  • Community wallet will be used to create liquidity for future utility staking & token release
  • Tokenomics Reveal
  • Continue of floor sweeps & giveaway with community wallet
  • Investing in emerging NFT projects, DAO studies


1. Download the extension on your browser
2. You can purchase MATIC directly from the Metamask or Purchase MATIC from various exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance
3. Send MATIC from this exchange to your MetaMask wallet
4. On launch day, open the Phantoms website and select the number of NFTs you wish to mint
5. Click “MINT” button, Metamask will popup asking for connection
6. Confirm the transaction and any associated fees
7. Once you have made your purchase, your Phantoms will appear in your wallet, OpenSea and Rarible

The total supply of Phantoms is 5555.

Minting will be fair launch & fixed price. One Phantom is 10 Matic.

We will be limiting to 20 Phantoms per transaction.

Phantoms are ERC-721 so you can see your Phantoms in your metamask wallet

After mint, you can buy or sell phantoms on OpenSea & Rarible


Team - Dev & Project Lead
Team - Designer
Team - Web & Social
Team - Communications