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Phantoms are 5,555 uniquely generated collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Polygon Blockchain

Mint is Live


Type - Original
Type - Rare
Type - Epic
Type - Legendary
Type - Zombie
Type - Alien
Type - Ape
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How can i buy a Phantom?

When we launch, you can mint your phantoms on our site.

What is the total Phantoms supply?

The total supply of Phantoms is 5555.

When is the drop? How Much?

(Follow our social channels for exact timing)

Minting will be fair launch & fixed price. One Phantom is 40 Matic.

Is there a limit?

We will be limiting to 5 Phantoms per transaction.

Where can I see my Phantom?

Phantoms are ERC-721 so you can see your Phantoms in your metamask wallet

Where can I buy or sell my Phantoms?

After mint, you can buy or sell phantoms on OpenSea


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Roadmap - Community Build
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Roadmap - Community Wallet
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Roadmap - New Collection


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